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Below you will find actual testimonials that parents just like you have written unsolicited about WebWatcher software.

If you'd like to include yours here, please email to Testimonials

    WebWatcherKids.com on Yahoo answers

      How do i get aruond school blocks on the internet?

      Ans: PRAY they aren't using this mean little bugger. It is impossible to get past. It's what the US Military and US Intelligence services use. It not only stops you from going to certain sites but also records everyone of your key strokes. They can even get screen shots to see what the screen looks like while you are looking at it. It makes no recognizable files on your hard drive so you can't find or delete it. I'm sure glad I don't have to put up with that. :(


As the parent of a 15 year old boy - I have referred your product frequently. This is amazing what I am learning about this kid's attitudes and interests. ~David K.

The software has helped save my daughter. She was thinking about killing herself, and the software helped me intervene. Thank you~ literally a lifesaver. ~Dan S.

I just wanted to say that we are very, very happy with the product and the level of service that we received. I would highly recommend this company to any business or individual that is looking for a monitoring program.  The program is very easy to setup and use.  Thank you for your service and prompt support. ~David R.

Your product itself, is VERY good, as I work outside the UK alot of the time, and as I said in the phone call, my daughter is deaf, so I need to be able to monitor what she is up to when I am away, (she is 15).
Thank you once again for all your help and time, and I look forward to many happy years with your company. ~Karen

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