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Resellers and Affiliates

Reseller Overview

Thank you for your interest in the Webwatcherkids.com reseller program!

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Webwatcherkids.com is the premiere site for monitoring and information on how to protect children while they are online. Email, Instant messaging, keywords, website blocking/filtering, chat is all captured immediately, and resources to deal with predators are at their fingertips. Our site is not only a site where parents buy the very best software to monitor kid’s activity while online; but a place parents come back time and again! They gain insight on dangers of sexual predators and how to keep their family safe on the internet. Our Learning Center is full of useful links pages, helpful tips and the latest news feed has a wealth of information all parents need in the battle against online predators and pedophiles.

You have questions we have answers! Check out our FAQ’s; you will find everything you need to know all about our lucrative program.

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