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At Webwatcherkids we want to keep you up to date on all issues relating to children’s safety and the internet. We continuously update the links below as new and relevant data becomes available.

We encourage you to email us any links to articles you think other parents might find useful; please send to press@webwatcherkids.com

Oct. 20: "Today" host Meredith Vieira talks with Argie Allen, a family therapist with the Council for Relationships, about whether parents should snoop on their children.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Urges Parents to Engage in their Children’s Online Life

CBS News WebWatcherKids WebWatcher Kids on CBS news CBS 46 and Michelle Veni 9.22.06

A great day for California and a step in the right direction for all of us - Richard Cositgan, Deputy Chief of Staff, California Governor

Teens, Technology and Drugs- a letter to the PTA by Jessica Stone

i-Safe Article - New Survey conveys youth are more vulnerable to Pedophiles Market Wire 8.10.06

Top 10 Tips from Oregon Governor 8.9.2006 News Channel 21 Central Oregon

Gov announces tool to fight online predators.

VIDEO Parental monitoring vital to Internet safety 8.9.2006 WBRZ News 2 Louisiana

Gonzales gives child porn ‘wake-up call’ 4.16.2006 CNN.COM

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Thursday issued what he termed a "wake-up call" to the growing problems of pedophiles prowling the Internet and online images of sexual abuse of children.

Swiss warned of internet addiction 7.27.2006 CNN.COM

Switzerland's financial capital of Zurich warned Internet users on Tuesday about the dangers of addiction to chat rooms and sex sites.

More Than 1,100 Sex Offenders Nabbed in Nationwide Roundup Fox News April 27, 2006

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