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See Every Word Typed

webwatcher keylogger When your child uses their computer offline (no Internet connection), it becomes even more important to gather information. Some of the most sensitive information is never saved to the target's computer as they don't want a record of anything. Since documents can be created and printed without ever saving them to the hard drive or sending them across the net, you need a program that records a child's every keystroke.

With WebWatcher, regardless of whether your child saves their data, is disconnected from the internet, or even using a laptop at a remote location, everything they do will be recorded, down to the last key they press.

Since WebWatcher is web based, the next time their computer connects to the internet, you are able to remotely see exactly what transpired offline through your personal data site.

This means that if your child types a top-secret letter and then prints it without saving it - so that they leave no trace of anything on the computer, WebWatcher will still record everything and send it to you.

Additionally, even if your child is using the highest level encryption possible, WebWatcher will allow you to read everything they type.

WebWatcher's keystroke logging technology is truly the industry leader. It not only logs every single keystroke made by the user but it also saves them in a format that makes it easy to read and search for the information you want.

Now you can grab every username, password, login code, and read every letter they type or spreadsheet that they create. You will literally be able to see every key that they type.

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