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Read Every Email

webwatcher view email programsWebWatcher's powerful Email Recording technology makes it a snap to read all of your children's inbound and outbound email - even if it's web-based, and even if you don't have access to their computer.

You'll be able to read everything - The subject of the email, the email's contents, who sent it, who it was to, and the time and date it was sent or received. You'll even be able to capture and view attachments.

Whether your child uses Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL Webmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Webmail, or MySpace, you will be able to see it all!

Our proprietary "Information Scavenger" system automatically scans every email (both sent and received) and alerts you to the specific items that you are interested in - saving you hours of wasted time sifting through the enormous number of emails that the average child receives.

No other software even comes close to the power and flexibility of WebWatcher.

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