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Impossible To Detect

Invisibility is of paramount importance when attempting to ensure your children's safety and appropriate conduct. Since being observed will alter your child's activities and put them on their "best behavior", you will never get a chance to see what is really going on in their lives.

On October 25th, we launched a new automated configuration tool that willl scan your entire system before installing and personalize and/or fix any issues you might have with anti-virus programs installed on the target computer. We now fix issues before they are a problem!

With WebWatcher, you can completely monitor all of their activity without them ever knowing that you are checking in on them. They will relax, and you can finally relax knowing that they are safe.

Other monitoring methods are sloppy, only hiding the most obvious elements and not taking into account how computer savvy kids are today. WebWatcher, however, was originally designed to meet the unbelievably demanding requirements of governmental intelligence agencies. So you can rest assured that none of the anti-spyware or anti-virus software currently available can detect WebWatcher.

By design, WebWatcher is hidden from everyone except the people authorized to see it. It does not appear in the Registry, the Process List, the System Tray, the Task Manager, on the Desktop, or in Add/Remove programs. There are no visible files that can be detected!

Not only does WebWatcher work undetected, but it also circumvents ALL firewall programs, allowing you to gather the information you need without worrying about tripping any alarms.

WebWatcher is the ONLY industrial-strength computer monitoring software available. It won't let you or your family down.

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