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WebWatcher's Guardian Angel system makes things easy and saves you time. By allowing you to create a list of alert words (either chosen from the provided resource list or created by the individual user) that allow you to do everything from take real-time screenshots of computer activity, to blocking web pages on the fly, to instantly sifting through and filtering all recorded data.

This will save you countless hours and eliminate the possibility that you might miss important information when your child's activities generate a lot of data.

Our proprietary "Alert Words" functionality gives you the power to "zero-in" on exactly what you need to know - avoiding all of the useless fluff that can get in the way.

Here's an example of how the average parent might use the "Alert Words" feature:

She may choose to view any email that her son sent that contains the words "mom" or "dad", view any webpage visited that contained the word "drugs" or list all of the IM conversations between her daughter and her boyfriend.

Now, at a glance, she can review all of the data that has been recorded at her convenience - in order of importance as she determines it. Now that is total control.

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