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Capture Any Screen

webwatcher screen captureWebWatcher' Screenshot feature allows you to see everything that your child is doing on their computer. It's like standing over their shoulder without them knowing it, and without having to waste your time.

Unlike many of the products on the market that take screenshots at predefined, but ultimately random intervals, WebWatcher gives you the ability to set keyword triggers for screenshots. This simple feature alone saves parents hundreds of wasted hours, by eliminating the need to dig through an abundance of irrelevant material looking for the gems.

Since WebWatcher is web-based, you view the screenshots of what your children are doing with minimal time delays, giving you almost real-time access* to what activities your children are engaged in.

Most importantly, the computer you are recording does not receive any "calls" from the monitoring computer. Instead, WebWatcher calls out and delivers the information to you. This is important because it ensures total undetectability - by avoiding setting off any firewalls or anti-virus software.

* Please note, time delays may vary based on the internet connection speed of the computer being monitored.

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