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Website Recording and Blocking

With all of the useful information that is available, the internet has become a tremendous asset to children. It has, however, become a danger as well. While the internet provides children with nearly limitless opportunities to learn, it is a no-holds-barred environment where adult-oriented material is extremely prevalent, and every opinion, even hateful ones, have a voice.

In such an environment, it is essential that a parent have total control over what their children can see and access. While many products on the market can block the internet, only WebWatcher gives parents total control.

No matter what websites your child visits, no matter what they search for - you can see it all with WebWatcher's powerful Website Monitoring Technology. In addition, with Guardian Angel, Awareness Technologies' proprietary filtering system, you can block the internet based not only on web addresses, but also by the words on the page. That is revolutionary power.

Making WebWatcher even more powerful, Guardian Angel works on the fly, which means, every webpage that your child tries to view is instantly scanned as the page is loaded for keywords that you can define. When a trigger word is encountered, WebWatcher stops the page from loading. So for instance, if you don't want your child reading about marijuana, anytime they attempt to view a page containing the word marijuana, that page will be blocked.

You can also block any websites you choose based on web address. Simply create a block list so that your target cannot access the sites you don't want them to. In addition to blocking the sites, you will be notified every time your child tries to visit a site that is on the blocked list. And with just a click, you'll be able to actually visit the website your target visited and see exactly what they saw. You can see what searches they perform on search engines and get a perfect view into your child's web surfing activities.

No other software even comes close to the level of control that WebWatcher offers parents.

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