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About the Webwatcher Team
About Us

WebWatcher Team

WebWatcherKids is comprised of a team of professionals with senior management, sales, marketing and operational experience in the software technology industry.

Perhaps most important, though, is that virtually each member of the team here at WebWatcherKids are parents of toddler, pre-teen and teenage children, so we are living both the wonder and the dangers of the Internet every day, and teaching our children how to use this tremendous tool to enhance their lives—without the threat of online predators. You have our assurance that each of us are committed to providing the best in protecting our children.

The product—WebWatcher—was developed by the leader in online monitoring software, having provided real-time monitoring solutions to government, law enforcement and educational industries both here in the U.S and Internationally. Because of the high, exacting standards of these government agencies and institutions, WebWatcher is the most advanced, state of the art monitoring software available. After all, if it’s good enough for governments and law enforcement agencies, it can certainly work for you and your family.

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